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Welcome to our beta test!

Thanks for helping us test Gmail for your domain! We're excited to help you offer Gmail accounts with your domain.

Here's how to get started:

* First, click the link below. Log in with the same Google Account you used to volunteer to become a beta tester.


* Next, we'll guide you through a series of steps to register your domain for this service.
* We'll then ask you to create a new administrative account for your domain. Most people choose something like ****@faydao.com(为防垃圾邮件,隐去).
* You can then log in to the control panel ( https://www.google.com/hosted/faydao.com ) with your administrative account. Within the control panel, you can create new users, modify or suspend accounts, create aliases and lists, and customize the look and feel of Gmail for faydao.com. You can even upload whole lists of new users with the bulk upload feature, and assign administrative rights to multiple accounts.
* Finally, you'll need to configure your DNS MX records to work with Gmail. Once you log in to the control panel, you'll see detailed instructions on how to complete this step. If you get stuck, you can access our help center.

Thanks again for helping us out,

The Google Team


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